Tunisia’s 2008 sport city project approved for construction- Bukhatir Group

Friday, March 4 2022


Tunisia has approved the 2008 sport city project to be constructed.

The Bukhatir group has secured 90% of the approvals from public facilities, such as STEG and SONEDE, to carry out the project of the Tunis Sport City, Afif Bejaoui, executive chairperson of the Bukhatir group in Tunisia.

Speaking at a press conference in Tunis Thursday, Afif Bejaoui announced the first stage of the project to soon be launched along with the the golf course.

The first stage of the project is set to be ready by 2026, while the investment and business component will be completed in 2028, and the rest of the project will be completed in 2031.

The Project envisages the construction of state of the art sports complexes which include international standard facilities comprising of a PGA approved 18-hole golf course, PGA Golf Academy, sports clubs, clinics and other academies, as well as residential, commercial, and leisure facilities along with necessary infrastructural support.

The succession of governments over the past 11 years is believed to have been a real hindrance to the continuation of the project, in that the investor had been forced to renew his offer each time with each government.

Tunis Sports City will be developed over an area measuring 256 hectares at a fixed cost of 5.5 billion dollars.